General Practice Alliance
General Practice Alliance (GPA) is a GP Federation and NHS Provider based in Northampton. They were formed in 2014 with the vision to make a difference to patient care, providing a greater range of services at scale.

Project Goal
To craft a brand strategy to help GPA grow their business, and create a visual identity
they feel confident using.

•    Brand Strategy
•    Positioning
•    Purpose/Mission/Value Statements
•    Brand Identity
•    Signage
•    Brand Guide

The Challenge
The UK’s National Health Service is struggling. General Practitioners (GPs) are overworked and understaffed, leaving patients frustrated as demand exceeds capacity. Into this mess stepped General Practice Alliance (GPA), a private healthcare provider with a bold vision
of transforming primary care through an innovative federated model.
GPA faced a thorny challenge: How could a private company convince the public that it aimed to support, not supplant, the beloved NHS? And how does it convince GPs to join its federated network?

The work
We assisted GPA in crafting a clear brand strategy that communicated their essential services. We held workshops with key stakeholders to define GPA’s primary goal: helping people lead healthier lives. This work translated into concise purpose, mission and vision statements, positioning GPA as a valuable ally for both GPs and the public.
With the brand strategy in place, we developed a bold visual identity. GPA’s design stands out by using vibrant colours and modern images instead of cliche medical symbols.

GPA has quadrupled its staff and expanded its federation of GPs to over 18 partners
in just one year.

The brand strategy process helped GPA simplify their message. As a result, their staff now feel confident about sharing their message at events and on social media. The team is proud of their visual brand, which has energised them because it makes them stand out.

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