In 2013, our long-term client (J.P. Morgan) wanted to further promote their Reward Brand. Their regional offices felt marginalized so the campaign had to factor them in.
Our concept was to “go bigger”. Working with set designer Hattie Newman and illustrator Matt Ashton, we create five cites. One for each location of their offices (Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London) and an amalgam of all four… a city we called Amalgamville. These cities became their “Benefits Neighborhood”.
The company had the highest ever enrolment and the regional offices were delighted to be included.
Each city was assigned a mascot. They were made out paper and card.
Edinburgh = the Owl
Glasgow = Fox
London = Butterfly
Bournemouth = Donkey
Amalgamville = Meerkat
The project involved a full media roll out. We produced booklets, a website, banners and videos.
The Production team were:
Art Director: Charlie Tapper
Illustrations: Matt Ashton
Set designer: Hattie Newman
Assistants: Alice Rigby and Vicky Lees
Photographer: Ania Wawrzkowicz
Photography Assistant: Kristy Noble
Video Production: Justin Weiler
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